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Air Fryer Recalls: Safety Alert

Air Fryer Recalls: Safety Alert

During the global pandemic, air fryers became an indispensable tool in kitchens across the United States, offering a convenient way to cook up a storm while many restaurants remained closed. Their ability to deliver crispy food with less oil made them an instant hit. However, recent investigations have revealed significant safety concerns involving these popular appliances. Over 3 million units from key brands have been recalled due to risks of fire and burns, according to a thorough review by USA TODAY of data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Air Fryer Recalls: Safety Alert

Recent Air Fryer Recalls by Brand and Issue

Brand Recall Date Recall Number Units Summary
Insignia 3/14/24 24159 About 187,400 The air fryers can overheat, causing the handles to melt or break, posing fire and burn hazards. Additionally, the air fryer ovens can overheat and the glass on the door can shatter, posing fire, burn, and laceration hazards.
Empower Brands 12/14/23 24051 About 319,000 The plastic U-Channel connector used to optionally combine the two food baskets inside of the air fryers can break during use, posing a burn hazard.
Secura 9/28/23 23794 About 6,400 A wire connection in the air fryer can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.
Cosori 2/23/23 23130 About 2 million A wire connection in the air fryers can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.
Magic Chef 10/13/22 23012 About 11,750 The air fryer can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.
Insignia 4/21/22 22125 About 635,000 The air fryers and air fryer ovens can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.

According to data from by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Understanding the Risks and Proper Usage of Air Fryers

Introduced to the American market in 2010, air fryers have become popular for their ability to mimic the results of deep frying with significantly fewer calories. They operate similarly to convection ovens, using fans to circulate hot air around the food. However, electrical malfunctions and inadequate wiring can create serious safety hazards. Common issues reported by users include air fryers emitting smoke during use, as one consumer from Costa Mesa, California, experienced with their Cosori Pro air fryer, leading to frequent activation of their smoke detector. Another alarming report came from a consumer in East Palo Alto, California, who faced a devastating incident where a fire started by their Crux air fryer resulted in the loss of their entire apartment. In addition to fire risks, other safety concerns include injuries from handling the appliances. For instance, a user reported that while cleaning their Instant Vortex Plus air fryer oven, they encountered a sharp metal edge that severely cut their finger, requiring five stitches.

Damaged Air Fryer
Damaged Air Fryer

Steps to Take if Your Air Fryer Has Been Recalled

If you own an air fryer, it’s crucial to verify whether it is subject to a recall. You can view detailed recall information and check if you are eligible for a refund or a replacement by visiting the CPSC’s official website at It is advised to immediately cease using a recalled product.

Safety Warning or Recall Notice

Air Fryer Safety Tips

To minimize risks, always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cooking times and temperature settings to avoid overheating. Never leave the air fryer plugged in when not in use, and do not leave it unattended while cooking. It is also recommended to avoid using cooking sprays that contain propellants, regularly inspect the power cord and plug for damages, and ensure the appliance is connected to a stable outlet.

Reporting Unsafe Products

If you encounter any safety issues with your air fryer or any other consumer product, report it to, or contact the CPSC’s toll-free hotline at (800) 638-2772.The rise in popularity of air fryers brought convenience into many kitchens, but it has also introduced new risks that consumers need to be aware of. By staying informed about product recalls and adhering to safety guidelines, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your air fryer safely.

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